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Maxwell 18 Pfluger 9
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Pinehurst Country Club

Pfluger 9

Hole 1
Get off to a good start on this downhill par 4 with a tee shot in the fairway. A bunker guards the front left portion of the green.
Hole 4
This short par 3, ranging from 121-165 is most susceptible to tee shots that stay below the hole. A very difficult two putt waits for those who hit it past the pin.
Hole 7
Uphill, short par 3 that once again is more forgiving when played from below the hole. A very difficult green, sloping back to front and right to left awaits your tee shot. Be careful as there is a steep drop off just left of the green. 

Hole 2
A sharp dogleg right par 4. Work the ball left to right to keep the ball in the fairway or face a tough approach from the rough.
Hole 5
A short par 4, stretching to 316 from the 1 cone tees. Another tough green surrounded by bunkers requires a master’s touch to make par or better.
Hole 8
Short dogleg right par 4 that is reachable by the longest of hitters. Hit the fairway and leave a good yardage in order to take advantage of perhaps the easiest hole on the Pfluger 9.
Hole 3
This uphill, straightaway par 5 is reachable in 2 with a couple of good shots. The green slopes from back to front and is well protected by bunkers. Stay below the hole for your best chance at birdie.
Hole 6
A long dogleg left par 5 with a two tiered green. Course management is key on this hole, where it is best to leave yourself with a comfortable yardage for your 3rd shot so you can hit it to the correct level on this green. 
Hole 9
The finishing hole is an uphill, tight par 4 that has out of bounds left and tall trees right. The green is well protected by bunkers and a drastic right to left slope. Below the hole is the right move once again.

Maxwell 18

Hole #1 
Downhill, slight dogleg left par 4. Fairway bunker left starts about 120 yards out from green. Bunker short right of green. A drive down the right side allows for best angle of approach to a very undulating green. 
Hole #7 
Big dogleg left par 4. Almost 90 degree turn left at about 160 yards out. Big tree guards the green on the right so best angle is from left side of the fairway.
Hole #13
Long dogleg left par 4. Aim at the fairway bunker for your best approach into this green. Out of bounds to the right and dense trees on your left will penalize any errant shots.

Hole #2
Downhill, short par 4 with a pond fronting the green. Lay up short of the pond to a good yardage for your second shot into this two-tiered green.

Hole #8
A short dogleg right par 4, that gives a great birdie opportunity to those who leave themselves on the left side of the fairway. Another big tree blocks your approach if you try to take too much off the corner on the right.
Hole #14
Drive from an elevated tee to this short par 4. Fairway bunker on both sides will gather up many golf balls. Tricky green with many undulations.

Hole #3
Long par 3 over the pond. Green protected by bunker on the right side of green. Keep tee shot below the hole for best chance on this green.

Hole #9
Toughest par 4 on the course. A long, slight dogleg right with water on the right and out of bounds on the left. Tee shot in fairway leaves a long approach to a green that slopes from back to front.
Hole #15
Another drive from an elevated tee. Tight fairway surrounded by tall trees and fairway bunker on the left side. Second shot is uphill to a green that will send balls back down the hill to your feet if you don’t hit enough club.

Hole #4 
Dogleg left par 5 with a pond and bunkers guarding the left side of the fairway. Out of bounds guards the right side so a tee shot in the fairway is a must. Well protected green with bunkers both right and left. Do not go over this green as it drops off dramatically.

Hole #10
Uphill par 4 that doglegs to the right. Severely sloping green from left to right. Stay below the hole with your approach on this hole.
Hole #16 
Long par 5 with slight dogleg left. Tee shot must find the fairway in order to have a chance at birdie. Fairway bunkers right and large trees on the left will penalize a bad tee shot. Second shot is downhill to a very large green protected by a bunker short right and out of bounds long left. A big tree guards the front left portion of the green so it is best to come in from the right side of the fairway. 

Hole #5 
Medium length par 3 with a small pond and bunkers on the right. Green slopes quickly from left to right.

Hole #11
Drive from elevated tee to a fairway that doglegs to the right. The second shot is all uphill to another severely sloping green back to front.
Hole #17
A long, uphill par 3 with a very difficult green. Bunker short left and a false front that will bring your ball back down the hill if you don’t hit enough club.
Hole #6
Short par 4 with slight dogleg left. Tee shot in fairway again a must. A group of pine trees on the right can block out the long hitters if they miss the fairway. Bunker protects left side of the green.
Hole #12 
Par 3 with a big slope left to right. Bunker guards the front right portion of the green. Largest putting surface on the course. Club selection is essential.
Hole #18 
Dogleg left par 4. Tee shot must be hit to right side of fairway to have an approach. Stay short of the fairway bunker and have an uphill second shot to the green protected by bunkers on both sides of the green.
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